Nikki is an artist. You feel safe leaving your face with her knowing that the outcome is always good. Very professional, clean and friendly. Her practice is also very comfortable. There is always nice relaxing music playing in the background.She has done beautiful work on my eyebrows with combo tattoos. Her lash work is spectacular. I keep getting compliments about my brows and lashes. Her lip work is excellent too. It looks very natural.I highly recommend Brow Mantra.
I got permanent eyebrows, top and bottom eyes, and lip tattooing with Nikki. She was so professional and skilled and I really valued her expertise. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend her. It can be hard trusting someone with permanent tattooing on your face but Nikki was excellent; she provided lots of helpful advice, aftercare information and the the results speak for themselves. Thanks so much Nikki!
Nikki is friendly, knowledgeable and professional with a comfortable studio for her services. I am thoroughly satisfied with my first ever tattooing of lips and eyebrows. Just love the outcome! Very natural and get many compliments. Totally recommend if you are thinking about getting cosmetic tattooing done.
I am so happy with my brows, Nikki did the most amazing job. A girlfriend and I had micro blading and shading done which looks so natural. Nikki was so reassuring when we discussed our concerns about not having the brows too bold-we are in the older age range and wanted to look agar appropriate.Nikki explained everything in detail and after the treatment she sent through a very detailed message that explained how the brows would look (and change in appearance) over the next 4 weeks. It was very accurate and once again eased any worries when it was dark, then faded to very light as the brow healed and then back to the natural colour we were hoping for. She was also available to contact any time, which was an added bonus.I would definitely recommend Nikki and Brow Mantra to anyone thinking about micro blading. The professionalism is only outweighed by the kindness and care that is provided by Nikki.Thank you so much for making me feel pretty again xxI would
I have been going to Nikki to get my eyebrows threaded for years! She is so lovely and takes a lot of pride in her work and clients needs. There isn’t anyone else I would trust to do my eyebrows.
I had an amazing and easy experience with Nikki who did microblading. She is very professional and detailed in her work. Nikki created the perfect shape and colour for my brows which look natural and in which I feel very comfortable in. I love the results and definitely recommend Nikki!
Nikki is a wonderful professional therapist. I had a combo eyebrow treatment and am so very happy with the result. 2 people have already asked for Nikki's number. can't recommend highly enough
I have been going to Nikki for a few years. Moved away from the area and still go back to Nikki. Can’t beat her quality and service. The best place for a lash lift and her brow work is 10/10! Super lovely and is very accommodating with appointments. Highly recommend
Nikki is so lovely and a true professional who did a great job on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I was very nervous and it took me months to pick someone to do my eyebrows and eyeliner. Nikki was just amazing, she calmed my nerves and made sure my eyebrows and eyeliner looked natural, beautiful and suitable for my face. Thanks Nikki.
It is great going to Nikki. She shapes my eyebrows naturally the way I like and makes them look amazing. She is so accomodating and nice to talk to.
I've done powder ombre brows, Nikki's work is amazing! she's very professional and have friendly nature. I just love my eyebrows! thank you so much for your great work. I highly recommend Nikki if you're considering ombre brows, worth every penny.
This was my colour refresh after Combo-Brows with Nikki in July last year. She is expert at producing gorgeous, natural looking eyebrows that frame and complement your features - something that I value as a 50+ year old. I have come from UK for this and was not disappointed!
If I only know microblading is this good I would do 4 years ago, will save me plants of time lol. Very happy for my new eye brows and Nikki is fantastic about what she does, professional, patient and transparent!
A friend recommended I see Nikki to have my bottom eyeliner tattooed, which I did recently for the initial service & retouch to ensure it would last.I am so happy with the results & Nikki is very professional, experienced & friendly.Highly recommend .Mandy
This is my first microblading experience, and Nikki does amazing job. I love my new brow look.
This was my first microblading experience! Nikki patiently and thoroughly explained the whole process step by step. Her emphasis on the importance of aftercare certainly paid off! I'm THRILLED with my new brows. Her salon is extremely clean and her service is professional and friendly. I would not have ANY hesitation in recommending her services.
I recently had combo brows done by Nikki and they look amazing, I had been thinking about getting my eyebrows reshaped for the longest time but was super nervous about the whole process. Nikki did a fabulous job in not only putting me at ease but doing a fabulous job on my brows. She made sure I was happy with every step before continuing. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering getting their brows done.
Highly recommended for all your beauty requirements.Nikki does an amazing job she takes great pride in the work she does you won't be dissappointed
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 7 weeks agoPositive: Professionalism, Quality, Cleanliness, ValueI highly recommend Nikki to any ladies out there who’s looking for a place to get their brows tattoo done!!!!Nikki’s very professional, gentle and confident with what she does which made me feel very comfortable as well as with an AFFORDABLE price!!Thank you so much Nikki for a fantastic job you’ve done to make me look beautiful and I’ve had a lots of compliments how my eyebrows look amazingly natural especially my husband!I LOVE IT💃💃….definitely coming back next time🥰
I went to Nikki for Invisible Eyeliner tattooing. She has done the most INCREDIBLE job. Even though i probably didn’t need it because the initial results were so amazing , I have just had my top as this can prolong the tattoo. She has seriously exceeded my expectations and was gentle and calming throughout the experience. She knows what she is doing! Thanks Nikki for helping me feel beautiful 🥰
I highly recommend Nikki, she is absolutely amazing at what she does! She is very professional and clean! I had my eyebrows tattooed as well as tattooed my lips and I couldn’t be happier. Even my husband thinks they look stunning. Thank you so much Nikki!!
I highly recommend Nikki . She is very professional and so confident with her work .Love my brows !
Thank you !!! NIKKI…What an amazing job, I JUST LOVE THEM, HARD TO BELIEVE THEIR MY OWN..I really didn’t think a LASH LIFT& TINT would be enough…WOW !!“GIRL YOUR THE BEST”I’m lost for words..😍🥰
Thank you so much Nikki for my beautiful brows and lips!! I'm so inlove with them. You're amazing, thank you again❤
Nikki has perfected the art of creating natural looking, beautiful brows. I had struggled with trying to pencil in my over plucked brows for years and was unsure about the micro blading process when I first met Nikki. However, Nikki patiently explained each step to me and I’m so glad I went ahead as the results are incredible.Nikki took her time during the procedure. Frequently stopping to ask me how I was feeling and letting me see the progress at each stage. The results have not only transformed my face, but have given me the freedom to enjoy beautiful, effortless brows everyday.Thank you Nikki for not only being exceptional at creating beautiful brows but for the care and kindness you give to your customers.
I'm so happy with my new eyebrows, Nikki made the whole process so easy, she is very professional and she explained in detail what I should expect from the process and the after care. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering having their brows tattooed to contact Nikki.
Incredible service. I have seen Nicki for my lips, eyebrows and most recently eyeliner. She has a great eye for detail and took great care to make sure that colours and techniques were customised to my dark skin tone and features. I am so happy of all the people I could have seen that I chose to go with Nikki. I was not planning to get my eyebrows and eyeliner done but was so happy with my lips in both look and the colour. Highly recommend and very happy with the results. Will keep going back for touch-ups and refreshes.
I’ve had two sessions of eyeliner, eyebrow and lips tattoos. Nikki is amazing, she takes her time and is great at what she does. I’m happier than I thought I would be with the results. Will be returning every 1-2 years for my top ups. Thank you 🙏🏽
I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful eyebrows! She is perfectionist and I’ll highly recommend brow mantra to everyone I know! If in doubt which place to choose- choose Brow Mantra! Thank you Nikki, im so happy ❤️
A few years ago I had my eyebrow tinted and shaped by Nikki at Brow Mantra. No easy task! They were thin and severely neglected, but I loved them that much that I had to go back for the combo brows tattoo. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I travel 9 hours to have Nikki work her magic and will continue to use her services indefinitely.If you need someone to completely transform the shape of your eyebrows with incredible results then Brow Mantra is worth a visit.
I got my eyebrows microbladed and an eyeliner tattoo done by Nikki at Brow Mantra. It was the first time I had either procedure and I was really nervous. Nikki was very reassuring and very professional. I absolutely love the shape of my new brows, they look both perfect and natural! And I love how fine and subtle my liner is, exactly what I wanted. They bring me so much joy whenever I look in the mirror. Thank you Nikki!
I'm really happy with my lip shading tattoo I got with Nikki. I brought in my lipstick and Nikki was able to match the shade exactly. Every morning I put on some clear lip balm and I'm good to go. I'm a very happy client.
Nikki did an amazing job with my eyebrow tattooing and I cannot thank her enough. This was the first time getting them done and like most people, I was really nervous about how they would look.During my first visit to discuss what sort of eyebrow tattooing technique would be best, Nikki instantly made me feel calm and comfortable with her knowledge and professionalism.Before starting the tattoo, Nikki spent a lot of time marking and doing measurements to ensure the brows suited my face. This goes to show that each time she does this it is tailored to that specific person.After the first tattooing session, my brows looked incredible. Nikki thoroughly explained the do's and don'ts during the healing process. They soon scabbed and flaked (completely normal) and they came through a little lighter than expected. Nikki had informed me that this may happen and that the colour can be darkened in the 6 week touch up.When I went back for my 6 week touch up, Nikki was honest and said that my skin didn't take to the tattooing as well she had expected. She recommended the best way to proceed and spent a lot of time outlining and planning the touch up. The picture attached is immediately after my touch up session.After 4 weeks, Nikki asked me to come back so she could check that they had healed properly the second time around which they had! I normally don't write reviews, let alone novels like this but I cannot thank and recommend Nikki enough for her work on my eyebrows. This woman knows what she is doing and is passionate about it. I no longer need to draw my brows in as they look natural and full 24/7!P.s get the strong numbing cream from the pharmacy Nikki recommends, I found the over the counter cream didn't numb anything!Thank you Nikki!!
Words can't express the quality of care and service by Nikki She did an amazing job. I could not be happier with the result. Nikki you are truly an amazing talented artist, I can't thank you enough for your remarkable service, you make me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. 😄Outstanding customer service and a beautiful relaxing clinic. Nikki is highly professional , caring , has a friendly nature and pays great attention to detail.My brows have never looked this good I'm so happy.I would highly recommend brow mantra to anyone. Thank you so much Nikki 😍
Very personal one on one attention. The work was brilliant - I had microblading and eyelash extensions. Everything was explained carefully every step of the way. Loved it and will definitely be back.
I am extremely happy after having my brows done by Nikki. I was very nervous to begin with as I don't have much natural hair on the brow area & didn't want them to look painted on & 'fake'. I am in my early 50's & the result is amazing, & follows the natural shape of my brows. Nikki got the colour spot on & is a very meticulous & professional artist. I would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating whether or not to go ahead with microblading & shading.
Nikki has done a wonderful job on my eyebrows. I found Nikki to have a calming professional presence. Would highly recommend and support this business. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Nikki at Brow Mantra did a great job on my mother and I. We both got tattoo eyebrows and eyeliner. It looks amazing and Nikki made us feel very comfortable. Great service and very clean and professional.
Nikki did a fab job microblading and shading my brows. She’s professional and spent a lot of time ensuring I was happy with the end result. I would highly recommend her!
The first time I went to Nikki I was soo nervous as I was going to have Brow Tattooing.She was extremely professional and took her time to measure and shape my brows before the tattooing started .I've just had my second appointment and once again totally thrilled.I have and will continue to recommend Nikki to all my friends and family.Thanks again Nikki, see you in 12 to 18 months for my next appointment. 😘
Nikki gave me amazing eyebrows!! So glad I did it. Thank nikki for your amazing work! 🙂 Wendy
Thank you Nikki for the beautiful work you have done in giving this 50-something lady a beautiful set of eyebrows. Your work is meticulous and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and care you have shown. I was so concerned about whether I was making the right decision in gifting myself eyebrows at my age, but I will always be so grateful to have found you. Thank you for making me feel special 💕
Nikki is very experienced and delivered results she promised. She was available after hours if I had any questions. Great after sales service.
So happy with my brows .. they looked so amazing ..Nikki is very professional.. will definitely be going back for further appointments
Nikki did a fantastic job on my brows. She kept checking in to make sure they were exactly what I wanted. She was able to tattoo my brows so they appeared more lifted and created more space around my upper eye area which I love. 10/10 recommend.
After finishing chemo with no eyebrows, Nikki gave me a face again!! A face to be proud of. Her talent & professionalism to produce these gorgeous brows gave me my confidence back. And wow!! Makeup time halved!! Thankyou Nikki.
Started seeing Nikki to get eyelash extensions a couple times now, and more recently just got my eyebrows done! Absolutely blown away with her skills and she's so lovely too. Highly recommend her work. Picture shows lash extensions and fresh combo brows, still can't get over how much I love it!💕
After many years of being undecided whether to get my eyebrows permanently done, I decided to spend a few months researching to find the perfect place. (looked for videos, before and afters, pricing and reviews). When I arrived I was warmly welcomed and was taken through all the procedure, options and had any questions answered. After getting them done it took a little bit to adjust too. But I wasn't used to having even brows. By the time I left I was obsessed and really in love with the overall result. I would highly recommend Nikki and appreciate all her patience and accuracy thats put into her work. I really look forward to going back in a few weeks for a follow up and to look at getting other procedures done.
Nikki is very professional and her technique is fantastic. I love love love my microbladed brows. They have transformed my appearance and boosted my self confidence. I highly recommend Brow Mantra.
Nikki is very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to have eyebrow tattooing done. Thank you Nikki for doing a beautiful, professional job. ???? ????????
Nikki did such a fabulous job of my brows. I was nervous and didn't have a clear idea of what i wanted. Nikki's professional and kind manner put me at ease. She guided my decisions and I am stoked with the results.
Nikki at Brow Mantra is fantastic. She has been doing my eye brow tattooing and eye lash extensions for 2 years. She does such beautiful work and I always get positive comments and asked where I get my eye lashes done. Nikki is very professional and spends lots of time perfecting her work, so that the end result looks wonderful. I walk out of the salon each time feeling so good. Over the past two years I have built so much trust in Nikki, and would not think of trying anywhere else! I would highly recommend her work, professionalism and Nikki herself as a lovely person.
This was a safe and quality service. It took a long time for me to decide on the brow tattoo and I cannot speak highly enough of the care taken, and the fantastic outcome. Highly recommended.
Nikki is very personable and she has made me feel very comfortable going to see her. Her work is highly professional and her services are well worth their value. I have had eyebrow artistry and tint and eyelash tint elsewhere and nowhere does this better. Highly recommend her henna brows. Nikki chose the perfect colour for my hair and skin tone and this lasts for a long time, looks natural and I walk from her shop feeling beautiful
Nikki from Brow Mantra is amazing! I knew she was the one I would go with after doing a lot of research on google and social media, and the result is perfection. Pricing is very competitive; $450 for combination (microblading and shading) with touch-up included. She also shaped and threaded my natural brows too. I am so happy! Thank you so much Nikki! 😀
Nikki from Brow Mantra is amazing! I knew she was the one I would go with after doing a lot of research on google and social media, and the result is perfection. Pricing is very competitive; $450 for combination (microblading and shading) with touch-up included. She also shaped and threaded my natural brows too. I am so happy! Thank you so much Nikki! 😀