Lip Treatments ( ON SALE NOW)

How lovely to have beautifully shaped full lips that all you need is a little lip gloss.
Many of us lack lip definition and symmetry and with age our lips can become paler and thinner. Perfectly symmetrical fuller lips can be created with a lip liner with blend or full lip colour. There is a choice from the most soft, subtle natural colours to stronger deeper shades-the choice is yours.Imagine not worrying about lipstick coming off, continually re-applying and lipstick bleed.If you suffer from cold sores we advise you to take a course of anti virals prior to your first appointment.


Lip liner

Lip Blush

Full lip shading

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treatment care

  • Immediately after the treatment,lips will be slightly swollen and tender,and the colour appears much darker
  • Apply the cream constantly ,to keep the lips moist.if you dont apply enough cream lips will begin to feel tight
  • Avoid hot/spicy food/ make up  for 3-7 days
  • No kissing until the flaking process is completed, in case you come into contact with a cold sore sufferer/ infection
  • The lips will exfoilte very quickly ,after3-4 days ,the flaking has finished
  • You might loose all the colour but it start reappearing from day 10-15 onwards
  • Lips might take more than 1 touch up session to retain the colour well.