Eyeliner( ON SALE NOW)

You can choose to have eyelash enhancement which is a series of dots in the lash line to create the appearance of more lashes or choose to have a thin eyeliner for a natural definition or create a stronger thicker look to give the appearance of liquid eyeliner.It is up to you to have top, bottom or both top and bottom enhancement or eyeliner.There is a choice of pigment colour options-not just black. There are shades of brown, ebony and grey to suit all ages and styles, of course you can always have black!


Lash Enhancement (top)

Soft Natural Eyeliner (top)

Smokey Eyeliner (top)

Bottom Eyeliner

Thin top & bottom Eyeliner

 Medium thick top and bottom eyeliner

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– Eyes are a little swollen and sore ,and appear too dark. Apply cream in a thin layer, and if sore apply cold pads to eyes.


– Eyes may be puffy after sleeping, they will subside. apply cream 3-4 times daily.Eyes may still have a heavy looking make up appearance.


– Exfoliation will start today and by tomorrow, it takes 3-4 weeks for the skin to heal and the colour will appear darker at this point. any adjustments in colour and thickness will be made at your touch up appointment session. No swimming,spas,rubbing,touch make up on the area till its full healed.

– keep in mind that Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and get swelled up very fast ,so in that case we can’t check the symmetry on that day and leave it  for touch up appointment. Touch up appointment is very important and final results can be seen only after touch up.


Microblading/cosmetic tattoing is a semi-permanent make-up, a form of cosmetic tattooing where pigment is placed into the dermis. Retention of the pigment is out of our control, as it is determined by the client’s skin type, how well they follow the before procedure instructions and aftercare procedures, and client’s medical history.

Everyone’s skin is different so the results will vary from person to person. This means that the pigment may fade more or completely disappear. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS IS A RISK YOU ARE TAKING; therefore, NO specific results can be 100% GUARANTEE.