Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane

Track down an ideal choice for your lashes with Classic, Hybrid, or Volume lashes at Brow Mantra Brisbane with one of our lash experts. Our long-lasting eyelash extensions are delicate yet strongly manufactured silk lashes that can endure as long as about a month and a half. Individual lashes are applied to your singular lashes to make a characteristic or a full arrangement of eyelashes.

We suggest booking your top of each 2-3 weeks to keep a full and pleasant lash line as each eye loses on normal two regular lashes a day.

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Classic Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane

Our Classic Lash Extensions are the ideal fit for everyone who needs to evaluate lashes interestingly – whether it’s for an exceptional event, occasion, or just to give your eyes that additional go. Normal lashes on each eye and each lash have about a multi-day development cycle which means lashes drop out normally after this time.

While settling on which set to pick – Natural 60 lashes or Full 90 lashes – for every eye, consider that each eye for the most part loses 2 regular lashes a day. We suggest beginning with Natural or Full Set eyelash extensions to get the most life span from your set. The size and weight of each misleading lash are changed to suit your regular lash. If you need ‘thick and emotional,’ these classic lash extensions probably won’t cut it for you-rather see Hybrid or Volume lash extensions.

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Hybrid Lash Extensions

Our Hybrid Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane are the following stage up in lashes and are ideal for those who need to add more completion to their lashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are an even blend of Classic 1:1 lashes and Volume Multi: 1 lash. Volume lash extensions are exclusively made by ‘enthusiasts’ of lashes planned to suit every normal lash. These little fans are contained anyplace between 3-10 fine dark engineered silk lashes.

Hybrid is our most well-known eyelash extension treatment as it is appropriate for all, particularly with normally fine lashes.

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Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions are our thickest and fullest choice in lash medicines.

Each eye will be loaded up with 60 or 90 ‘fans’ to make a delicate yet full and soft look. Each fan can be comprised of anyplace between 3-10 lashes relying upon every normal lash’s well-being. At Brow Mantra, we aim to keep up with our client’s lash well-being. Every normal lash can, unfortunately, endure a limited amount of a lot of weight so we energetically suggest visiting one of our lash experts to decide if volume lash extensions are reasonable for you before booking in.