Pre & Aftercare


  • Not Recommended for Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures.
    a.Anyone with any conditions that result in taking blood thinning medications such as Warfran. .b.Anyone with Type One Diabetes or uncontrolled Type Two Diabetes c.Anyone with low levels of iron   d.) pregnant or breast feeding.
  • • No spray tan on your face before treatment as this can affect the healed result
  • • No tint on the brows  as we need to see your natural colour
  • •if you’ve had permanent makeup done previously from other artists and is still visible. (Please send an email with pictures BEFORE scheduling to determine if a cover up will be possible)
  • • Very Oily skin types is not recommended for microblading
  • • All waxing/threading to be done at least 72hrs prior to treatment .
  • • No alcohol for 24 hrs prior to the procedure.
  • • Those clients,who wish ,may take pain relief of their choice.
  • • Please discontinue Aspirin/Vitamin E/ fish oil 2-3 weeks before treatment.
  • • If you have experienced cold sores are recommended to take a course of prescribed antiviral tablets  eg Lysine  prior to lip procedure.
  • • Treatment can’t be performed if you had botox or fillers in the treatment area recently. There has to be 4 weeks gap between the procedures.
  • • Permanent make up procedure are affected by the condition of your skin.if your skin is sun damaged,sensitive,excessively dry /oily , the results might not be perfect after the first treatment.
  • • Lips might take upto 2-3 procedure to retain colour.
  • • Lifestyle,medication,smoking,metabolism,facial surgery etc all contribute to fading.
  • • All permanent applications are a 2 steps process.
  • • Touch up appointment is important , and has to be done within 6 weeks time or extra cost may apply.
  • • Please follow the instructions very carefully as failure to do may result in infection / loss of pigment.
  • • If you are on any health  issues medication eg Diabetes 2 ,you have to get an approval letter from your GP .
  • Do not wear makeup on area being tattooed.
  • If You schedule your appointment and we find out that you have one of the conditions listed above, we will not be performing any procedure and you will forfeit your deposit. 



  • on the first day wash treatment area with mild luke warm water ( distilled water only) using soft circular motion to remove all the lymph and blood ,pat dry with clean tissue . if recommended DRY healing then leave the treatment area dry or if aftercare cream is recommended then put very little cream.
  •  Avoid applying any type of soap or cleansers to the tattooed area (as well as surrounding areas) 7days after your treatment. This is critical to the success of the cosmetic tattoo because soaps and cleansers can interfere with the bonding process between the tattoo pigment and the skin. Do not use anything but the  aftercare cream or the colour can change!


Aftercare cream should be applied 2 times /day for 7-10 days . use Q tip to apply recommended after care cream not fingers, and use very little amount as too much of cream can end up in                 infection or too much scabbing ,which will end up in loosing the pigment. For oily skin type once a day is okay. Do not try to remove any scaling that occurs – allow it     to fall off naturally.

  • Avoid wearing any makeup on or near the newly tattooed area for 5 days after your treatment
  •  aftercare cream needs to be applied during a shower and glad wrapped if possible for the 7days and shower cap over the brows
  • We would advise against any type of swimming within 14 days of your cosmetic tattoo procedure.
  • Excessive sweating can open the pores and cause fading – gym is not recommended for 7 days
  • Makeup can be applied around the treatment area but not directly on them for atlas 14days.



If you have been told to follow dry healing ,then follow this..

on the first day wash treatment area after 3-4 hrs  with mild luke warm water ( distilled water only) using soft circular motion to remove all the lymph and blood ,pat dry with clean tissue  then leave the treatment area dry till all the scabs comes off.


Colour & Definition Immediately After Procedure EYEBROWS

The colour of your new cosmetic tattoo will appear brighter and wider right after the procedure.

Your therapist should make you aware that the colour and definition will soften and lighten between 3-10 days after treatment.

After around 4 weeks the colour seems to settle and come into its own. This is why we ask clients to look closely at their colour after this 4 week mark as the colour will often fade but then re-strengthen (so to speak) within this timeframe.

Often clients think they have lost all colour but this is the normal process. Please be aware your tattoo can fade up to 60% after your first session and  THIS IS NORMAL.. Depending on aftercare and how well your skin holds the ink. We cannot guarantee how your pigment in hold some people may need more than one touchup.


Eyebrow Tattooing Some swelling may occur after an eyebrow tattoo. There should not be any pain after this treatment, only tenderness.

Applying a cold compress for 10 minutes can help alleviate swelling. We recommend that you  gently wash over your new eyebrow tattoo during the 24 hours after the treatment (as per above instructions). It is normal for an eyebrow tattoo to weep a clear fluid.




. Eyes are a little swollen ans sore ,and appear too dark. Apply cream in a thin layer, and if sore apply cold pads to eyes.


Eyes may be puffy after sleeping, they will subside. apply cream 3-4 times daily.Eyes may still have a heavy looking make up appearance.


Exfoliation will start today and by tomorrow, it takes 3-4 weeks for the skin to heal and the colour will appear darker at this point. any adjustments in colour and thickness will be made at your touch up appointment session.

no swimming,spas,rubbing,touch make up on the area till its full healed.




1. Immediately after the treatment,lips will be slightly swollen and tender,and the colour appears much darker.

2.Apply the cream constantly ,to keep the lips moist.if you dont apply enough cream lips will begin to feel tight.

3. Avoid hot/spicy food/ make up  for 7-10 days

4.No kissing until the flaking process is completed, in case you come into contact with a cold sore sufferer/ infection.

5. The lips will exfoilte very quickly ,after3-4 days ,the flaking has finished.

6. you might loose all the colour but it start reappearing from day 10-15 onwards.

7. Lips might take more than 1 touch up session to retain the colour well.